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PT. Maju Mapan Lancar is a service company engaged in the services Machining, Fabrication and Electroplating with specialization Hard Chrome. With the support of human resources that are reliable and professional as well as adequate support facilities, we are able to compete with companies electroplanting similar, especially in the quality and delivery.

Who are you mr. or mrs.

  • Mrs. Mustikawati

    Violence Hard Chrome so I needed for the production Dies hereby Parts Industrial Machinery I can last longer, thanks PT. Maju Mapan Lancar.

  • Mr. Ihsanullah

    Hard chrome is very satisfying for thickness and hardness on Dies which has been in production in my company, thank PT. Maju Mapan Lancar to the best quality and safety for workers when performing work in my company.

Hard Chrome Our Expert

PT. Maju Mapan Lancar been able to overcome the problem of Hard Chrome with a high difficulty level and can do Hard Chrome process for any kind of metal including aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and other metals.

  • WorkShop

    Our address at Jalan Raya Asem NO.99 municipality of Bekasi, West Java

  • Office

    Our office is located in one place with a workshop at Jalan Raya Asem NO.99 municipality of Bekasi, West Java

  • Conttact

    (+62)021 - 82421817
    (+62)0815 - 6728 014
    (+62)0878 - 8169 6514
    (+62)0823 - 2813 3845

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Overview of Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome is a type of electroplating which serves to coat the surface of the iron, steel, or other metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, and other metals in order to function the more leverage in its use.

Benefits of Hard Chrome Against Metal :

  • √ In certain thickness Hard Chrome resistant to scratches
  • √ More resistant to rust
  • √ Coat the metal surface to be harder
  • √ Adding a certain size (Added Meats)
  • √ So that the metal surface is more slippery
  • √ Base protecting material that is temperature resistant, weather, friction or scratches

Items or objects that can be hard Chrome, among others :

  • 1. Anilog Roll
  • 2. Component/ Parts Machinery Industry
  • 3. Dies (Forging, Press, Stamping)
  • 4. Screw (Injection plastic, Injection Rubber, Food)
  • 5. Moulding (Plastic, Rubber, Acrilik)
  • 6. Roll Met (Sintetis, Cooling Roll, Paper, Rubber)
  • 7. Liner
  • 8. Shaft/Piston Hydrolic
  • 9. Jig
  • 10. Alumunim Roll
  • 11. Guide – Guide baterray
  • 12. Roll (Plastic, Packaging, Wood, Printing, Wyre)
  • 13. and others

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